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Nurse Staffing Agency to Focus on Patient-Centric Solutions for Decentralized Clinical Trials and Research

Maumee, Ohio - September 8, 2020 — NurseNow Staffing, Ltd, has secured $500,000 in seed funding to launch a nurse staffing solution specializing in filling the critical gap in patient care for pharmaceutical research. The company, founded on August 2, 2020, is quickly mobilizing to provide much-needed nursing staff for decentralized clinical trials, which have increased in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic disrupted the “traditional” drug trial format, which typically involves patients traveling to hospitals or clinics to participate. When the country moved into quarantine, hundreds of thousands of pharmaceutical trials were disrupted, and the industry needed a quick solution to continue important research. Moving to decentralized clinical trials - which allow for patient care in the home rather than at a research site - was not only a good solution for the pandemic but also for the democratization of research. This patient-centric approach decreases barriers to participation and increases opportunities for drug trials to include a more diverse population.

“NurseNow is stepping forward to work and focus on the needs of patients across the diverse communities of our world,” said David Kissinger, CEO of NurseNow. “With decentralized trials, we can truly increase the diversity of patients, allowing for medicines to be tested on a broader representation of humanity, which will ultimately lead to better drug efficacy.”

Though the pandemic greatly increased the move to decentralized clinical trials, adoption of these types of trials has been steadily growing in recent years. With the effects of COVID-19 on healthcare expected to last for years and patients growing more comfortable with mobile technologies and telehealth, it is expected that the use of decentralized clinical trials will continue to grow. NurseNow plans to expand quickly across the United States to fill the continued need.

“We are excited about the opportunity to do our part and add value in the much-needed areas of clinical trials and research,” said Kissinger. “We are honored to be part of finding a cure for the dreaded pandemic that has changed our world in ways that none of us could have ever expected.”

About NurseNow Staffing:

NurseNow Staffing is the fastest-growing nurse staffing agency in North America specializing in decentralized clinical research. It matches highly qualified nurses who want flexibility, fair pay, and freedom with clinical research organizations that have unique — and often immediate — needs. To learn more, please visit www.nursenowstaffing.com or follow NurseNow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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