Why Join NurseNow

We are nurses.

NurseNow Staffing is owned and operated by a nurse who understands the unique challenges of nursing as well as the value nurses bring to everything they do. We love our nurses — and we’d love to have you join our team!

Join NurseNow to experience:

  • Competitive compensation. Our rates are among the highest in the industry.

  • Flexibility. We offer a variety of shifts in a diverse array of clinical settings, which allows you to work where your skills, availability, and interest are just the right mix.

  • Care. We care for nurses. You care for patients. We focus all our caring on you so that you are able to focus all of your caring on them. 

  • Excellence. We uphold the highest standard of care by hiring only the highest quality nurses. Every member of our team strives each and every day to be their very best. When you work with NurseNow, you can be confident that the NurseNow nurse next to you is as committed and as highly qualified as you are.

  • Respect. We trust our nurses, and we value your experience. We believe it’s high time nurses are given the respect they deserve — so that starts with us.

Interested? Apply now!